¿Where, When, How ?
Monday the 16th of april, from 1pm until 3am. The fiesta begins at the sugar shack Le Toit Rouge and it continues at the Club 737, thanks to our friends from RJ/JR Productions.

The price includes the transportation and the meal

Cabane a Sucre - 20$
Club 737 - 5$

The buses go straight to Club 737 to continue the rumba.

In detail
Every easter monday, since '98, Félaq has brought the best party of the spring.
More than 400 knew where the party was last year, where you one of them?
Don't be left out, because you'll regret it.

This was last year

  • Salsa, Merengue and Bachata dance contest
  • Clothes line, a favourite of the exhibitionist and voyeurs
  • The man's sexiest leg, the ladies remember it
  • The president mopping the floor (they don't pay him enough)
  • Beer Chug
  • The sensual voices of our two MC's
  • Dawson's people

This is this year

  • Lemon race
  • Wardrobe change
  • Dress design
  • Rompe globos... sorry, I have no idea how to say it in english :o)

Do you really want to miss all that??

The Tickets You can get the tckets at your friendly latin american student association.

For more information, drop us a line at felaq@videotron.ca or by phone at (514) 848-3532.